2 Part Wire Harness Question (OBD0 Harness)

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Question 1:

I am having trouble finding a OBD0 engine to distributor harness. You know the ugly tan coloured round harnesses? My question is, do i specifically need to find an OBD0 CRX/Civic Si harness or are their other harnesses from other honda's that are the same? Like would a regular civic/prelude/accord harness work? Anything that works with a B16A.

Question 2:

I noticed a wire slipped out of my ECU harness, is there a way to reattach it back inside the harness?
Question 1- not sure, you mean the 6 or so wires that go to your dizzy?
Question 2- Where did this wire slip out, at the connector?
1: Yes, when you buy a new dizzy, the harness thats on it, i want the one that goes into that one.

2: It slipped out of the back of the harness, the wire looks a little frayed at the end, i believe i may have yanked it out when i was taking the ECU out of the car, it was cold and the wires were stiff.
Nothin? I know 90-91 integras have the same harness but any other hondas?

EDIT: Ok from pics ive seen any OBD0 honda has those same harness, my question now is would any of those harnesses match up perfectly to my OBD0 B16A dizzy?? Or is something different?

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Pic of what the hell im talking about, i want the harness that goes into the one on the dizzy.
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No the male one, not the 2 harnesses that are attached to the distributor wires but the to harnesses that attach into the distributor harness from the engine.
Still confused, I have an OBD0 Integra engine harness and a couple OBD0 dizzys so if you need something. But Im still unclear on what your looking for. :smacksself:
Lol umm lets see, ok, if you disconnect the dizzy from the car, or take it out completely. The 2 harnesses that are still attached to the car, and not the dizzy. Those ones.


If you were going to plug the dizzy back into the car, you have to plug in the dizzy harnesses to the engine harnesses (the ones i need).

Sorry if im not explaining this well lol.
So you need female dizzy plugs. Not a harness plugs/connectors right? I can help you out on that, I have a 91 Integra engine harness.
Ok cool, i have someone who might have one for me, wont find out for a week or 2. But ill message you if i have a problem. Thanks Byron.