2014 Veloster Turbo

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That’s how you get ants
I put down a deposit today on a brand new Vitamin-C Turbo base.

Trade mine in in 2 Saturdays. Gives me time to strip the car.

its not THIS car, but it's this car.

Are any of your bits compatible ?

I mean, it's orange.. so you've got that. But I'm wondering if you can gussy it up to look like it was burned in an engine fire again.
Im still slightly interested in these, just because of the practicality of them as a small sporty car. In for the read.
Yeah well now I have a new car for only a few bucks more a month! The non turbo manual base is the highest valued trade in so it worked in my favor.

Everything but the intake swaps over :)

Orange or green was the color I was looking for. The green isn't available anymore.

Hey it doesn't matter what color it is Steve. It won't leave me on the side of the road :lol:
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so, out of curiosity, whats the numbers?
how much did you pay for the one you have, whats trade in, and how much for this one?

i dont know what these go for.
i wouldnt think its so much a discount, more of an agreement:

we'll keep the extra door, and in return, no crack in your block. have fun driving.
the 2012 is paid off at 40K miles. i'm leaving the remote start, foglamps and puddle lights.

springs and intake will get sold, everything else (mounts, catch can, full exhaust, whiteline bar, trailer hitch) will be moved over. i'm also keeping the 2012 alloys in trade so the turbo will be able to utilize the slicks / snows and i have my red wheels for the summer. i'm PRAYING i can unload the BTR ecu onto another non turbo base manual (my ECU won't work with the proxy key) .

cheap truecar price after discounts (buyer loyalty, circle pricing, mileage reimbursement program)

putting 2500 cash down.

the car is being purchased in holyoke ma and transported from upstate vermont from another dealer. truecar enabled me to not have to pay destination fees or over MSRP and all that other dealer mumbo jumbo. the 2014 adds a bunch of features i didnt have (backup cam, dimension sound system, torque vectoring, full leather seats, autodim homelink mirror) .

buying the red car was nearly a painless process. this was actually easier. havent told kristen yet :)
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well something i overlooked is that the 2014 base gets the heated leather, heated mirrors and proximity key.

Awesome Chris! Too bad you couldn't get it in green. That color is great. The vitamin C isn't bad though. That's cool about the extra features you didn't realize you were getting. Heated seats are a godsend.
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Congrats! I always saw the well the turbo veloster this and that comments. About time you got the right car for you.