2014 Veloster Turbo

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Had a time trial at tsmp where I set a new personal best chasing down a Chevy SS

They let us cut our timing loop into the track too. We no longer have to worry about rain and everything worked perfectly.

great day at mohegan today! not much action photo/video wise but i lost by .2 after 10 runs. i took 2 runs in my rivals 19 gti and beat my time today lol . it still wasn't enough.

one more event next weekend, i started paring down the car removing the stickers and the plastidip from 2014. filled in a bunch of chips and rust with vitamin c paint hope to trade it in or sell it before too long. 40th anni gti is looking good and it has a DIFF. i presold a bunch of my parts already.
2024 would be the one to get if you want a GTI. No more manual transmissions after that. Crazy, imo.
yes the GTI 380... but the 2023 are not flying off the lot right now i am expecting a price drop.
last event went awesome! i totally destroyed one of my front tires lol . lost my class by .077 . nothing but tenths and hundreths this season. it was a great duel with my friend in the GTI .

so i started stripping the car of the go marginally faster parts and put most of the stock stuff back on. have an appt with the dealer for the evap leak again (still under warranty) and after we return from the bahamas i will be hoping to get rid of this thing and be in a 23 gti 40th edition.
i already know its worthless but if i wanted to private sale the car the "as is" line on the bill of sale doesnt fly in MA and the seller can return the car if it is unable to be properly inspected. i want to clear all the lights and get a sticker before i trade it in anyways i would love to have that new car smell but on the other hand this car runs and drives great as-is and buying a new car in salt season sucks. as for the liners and flaps the old ones certainly made the car look like it was very modified at some point. and they were super cheap to replace.

maybe ill wait until the spring and save up some more cash and pray rates come down. i dont have to get rid of the car right away. its going to be tough to get a remote starter on a manual in a new car, especially if its a GTi. the 2009 and 2013 jetta were a huge PITA to get that installed vs the VT.
I ended up selling private party 2 hours before heading to the dealer. Anyways it leaves tomorrow morning.