2014 Veloster Turbo

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2 weeks ago when I was going over all the calipers I found one of them seeping on an inner seal. I thought I had it licked but nope. These new lines will fix it for sure for sure.

i do almost every day. the aero panel probably stays MOIST.
But for everyday driving?

If I’m buying an overpriced sedan I’ll get an Elantra N.
no no, the dealer right next to me has a 2K markup on it. right across from my hyundai dealer :)

they also have a GR86 at MSRP because nobody is buying them.
yep, welcome to 10 year old cars. can't get parts any more. I see so much of that these days on the old forums i'm on for the del sol, like rubber seals are impossible to find for the leaky roof
the elantra shares the same lines and both of those chassis were shitcanned in 2017, so its weird.
just what you see there, a pair of 90ish degree bends at the gas tank. with nicopp lines its super easy they bend like a pool noodle.
Going well… popped the brake pedal down with my breaker bar and not a drip doing the lines going to the abs. Got the flares completed and installed the lines then vacuumed the fluid out from the rear calipers. The pedal is firm but will complete the bleeding sequence tomorrow and fit the lines.

Alright so after a pint of cheap stuff and then half a bottle of ATE super amber we have a nice pedal and no leaks. And I really beat the fuck out of that pedal too.