5-lug how-to

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very nice site! it's not all that hard, just time consuming
are there any other 5 lug conversions that fit a 94 integra???? maybe a prelude???? cause i think the itr conversion is maaad expensive
Originally posted by chet@Dec 17 2002, 11:31 AM
only problem is the 5-lug is heavy

i agree the 5 lug conversion is heavy, when i swapped out the the 5 lug conversion i noticed a pretty big difference in my car, i always figured it was the weight... but yeah for those of you who are truly "JDM Minded" then go for it, thats really the reason i got it for, and plus it makes the car look so pretty :lol:
did he say pretty????? :ghey: ......my girl friend is pretty, models are pretty, even your mommas pretty, but 5 lug is not pretty....stick with the 4 lug.....5 lug is so...how do you say.....DOMESTIC looking...only honda that pulls it off is the integ R. oh yeah.....j/k fellaz....5 lug is tight but stick with the 4.... :lol:
Originally posted by htrcivic96sir@Dec 22 2002, 11:23 AM
only honda that pulls it off is the integ R

what about the S2000, Prelude, Accord, CRV, RSX, TL, RL, CL, MDX, NSX ;) lol