77 Civic Swap - CVCC to D16A1

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ok heres what you do, passenger axle you use the stock 1g , driver axle is about 1.5 inches too short , you take your dseries axles and take the part of the joint that goes into the transmission and put it in the trans, take the knuckle that goes inside the joint and cut it off the dseries axle and weld it to the end of the 1st gen axle, boom finished , soo driver axle is 79 outer and dseries inner with the dseries inner welded on (can diy easy) and the passenger is oem 1st gen, you 110% have to use the first gen outers even if you have axles made because the bearing seat, youre welcome :D
I wish it would have worked exactly like you said but unfortunately the axles have different splines for the CV joints so there's no way I can put the inboard CV for the Integra motor on the 77 Civic axle.
I'm thinking I'm going to have to cut and weld both axles and sleeve them, which willbe quite tricky since both axle shafts have different diameters. Still on the fence about doing this cuz I've read a lot about welded axles breaking, but on the other hand having custom built axles will cost me well over $1k