77 Civic Swap - CVCC to D16A1

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also thank you .. your build lit a fire under my ass because you started after me and had the motor in before me haha... I just kinda caught up and then some
also if want to stay obd0 and that harness etc good luck staying finding another vac advance dist or repair parts id at least convert to obd0 and put a electronic advance dist in it and a blacktop ecu (I have a pm7 blacktop ecu id sell) , you can delete all the vac stuff also other than the map sensor and the vac advance or if go electronic advance (just a distributor and ecu swap) you only need vac going to the map sensor
ive also got a blacktop intake manifold that flows way better than that brown top intake manifold id sell too
Thanks for all the input.
I would be curious to find out how much the jason watters set up would set me back and im also curious how much youd sell them parts to me for.
I think the harness was 700 and the ecu with hondata s300v3 is another 700 but the misc zc stuff id sell relatively cheap
Im gunna focus on completing what i got to first but I am def interest in getting those parts from you and getting the harness and hondata setup. Once I get closer Ill def be hitting you up.
Even tho the CVCC looks like its guts are hanging out everywhere, its alive! My cousin was there the hold the car in place and make sure it doesn't go anywhere. Lol Its actually quite helpful having some one there to drink with.
Got it running Friday night, I will just be removing one wire at a time and making sure it still fires up untill only the necessary wires remain.
Once I get the D16 harness stripped, Ill move on to the Honda harness and merge the two into one.
Just out of curiosity, does anybody know what the box on the left or the part on the right does?
great work yes, lol its funny how every swap is a little different when fabricated and wired in like this and how you are approaching things vs I am , I personally said fook all the chopping down factory wiring I didnt want to deal with the fuse panels and dash/door wiring, it should be fairly simple to combine the harnesses you will leave the chassis wiring alone and just tie your 12v constant wire with your engine 12v constant power
Yea im def excited to have it running.
I suppose my real wiring question is, can all electrical components be removed other than the fuse block and ECU? Or does the ecu rely upon other components to still run the motor correctly?
I have unplugged pretty much everything but the ecu and fuse block and the motor still runs but i haven't ran it longer than about 30seconds since the radiator is not yet installed.
the ecu only relies on data coming from the sensors on the motor, the hard part is lopping the harness down and matching wires on each side of the fuse panel on what needs 12v and 12v switched and ground , the pain in the ass part if you are wanting to delete all that jazz is messing with the main relay etc, it would be easiest to use minimal wiring from that harness to make it run and add your own fuel pump/wiring etc to eliminate the main relay , I looked into doing all this with a chopped down crx harness was my original plan and ended up being a huge headache
Right now im using the cvcc wiring to run the fuel pump. Might keep it that way.
Got my radiator fan today and got it installed and the hoses hooked up.

Unfortunately I wont have a chance to work on the car this weekend. But next week Im hoping to get my intake installed.
nice ! and im running my fuel pump relay trigger wire off the stock chassis wiring soo key has to be in and on for fuel pump to turn on and and unlock the steering wheel and my ignition and fans through my switch panel soo still has some kind of theft protection . Keep up the work man im picking up some ruper rare parts for mine this weekend
I wish I could find a doner car so i can get some interior parts and front & rear bumpers. Perhaps I'll search harder after I have it running and driving.
Getting closer tho. Got my intake built tonight.
Forced cold air for under $100.
The only down side I can think of, is that its its gunna be loud inside the cab.
But Im not concerned. Lol
Got some new parts on the front installed:
New rotors, rebuilt both hubs, new lower control arms and new tie rod ends.


Now im just trying to figure out axles
Any input is appreciated. My current plan is to have a local shop splice the 77 axles to the 87.
Im aware having them modified in this fashion weakens the axles but im counting on the thicker 87 axle shaft and the weight reduction of the 77 to make up for the modification.