88-89 taillights in 90-91 sedan?

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My mom thinks i'm cool
I've bin wondering about this for awhile. Is it possible to put 88-89 sedan taillights in a 90-91 sedan?
They should fit right in- not sure about the holes for the light bulbs though. Check to be sure. Do you have the lights in hand?
I dont have the lights on hand. I like how the 88-89 taillights look. I'm looking for a ef 4 door or hatch and around here all i can find is 90-91 4 doors but i dont like the taillights to much. I was just wondering if the 88-89 would just fit right in with out doing anything else. I know the reverse light would have to be from the trunk lid.
Ok if anybody wanted to know(other then me). I found out the bolt holes line up but the harness is different. If you would put the 88-89 sedan tail lights into the 90-91 sedan then you wouldn't be able to get to the one bulb in the corner with out taking the whole tail light back out to change a bulb and you would have to re-run your reverse light to the other tails