88 CRX HF D16Z6 swap help!!!!

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Ok folks, im new to this forum as you can see. I did some searching on here and havent really found what i need help with. I have an 88 CRX HF that had a D16Z6 swap done to it by the PO and it has been giving me nothing but problems. When I got it the thermostat housing was split and it wasnt running right, i popped a new thermo housing in her and flusshed the system completely. Ran fine for a day then one day decided to not start, did a complete fuel system cleaning to it and cleaned some other stuff and she ran good for another day. Go out last night and try to fire her up and she wont start. The PO never wired in the MAP sensor (i purchased the wiring and hooked it up) Now the idle was right when it was running. My question is since im new to Hondas and the swapping procedures and things to look for so any help would be greatly appreciated. Like I said it has the D16Z6 motor in it. PO said he put the ECU that was with the D16 in it.
I would check what ecu you are actually running. It is on the passengers side floor ner the bottom of the dash. Its been 10 years since I have worked on a Honda so I don't remember little details. I would first find out which ecu you have, then check the wiring. Atleast 1 wire should have been ran for vtec. If the z6 ecu was used then there should have been some wiring changes. I would check connections and solder then if they haven't been already.