88 crx swap

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I have a D16y5 Hx motor out of my civic that i want to put in my freinds 88 crx because his motor is all crapped out. How hard would this be to complete? I think he has the 1.5L like the DX hatch. I know my tranny is hydro and his is cable would i be able to use his tranny? what about the obd issue? I have everything from my car becasue i swapped my b16a in so i have all my stock stuff. Do you guys think this is pretty straight forward? anything i need to know? Any info would help. Thanks
I have a 89 crx hf 62 hp.I would love to swap in a d16y5.
#1 i am interested in mpg
#2 i am intersted in a little more performance.
I think the d16y5 will make a very good day drive in a 1800 lbs car. I love to drive it with just 62 hp so 115 is not bad.
I can't find where any one has tried this one because the lowly d16y5 doesn,t preform to make it worth while.
It would be worthwhile to me. If any one has done this lets here from you.
If i do this d16y5 into a 89crx hf i will buy a donner car so i have the complete swap and keep it obd2 wseing donner ecu and wireing harness keeping the swap stock so to speak