'88 Crx Weights

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..Just wondering what Honda deleted off the '88 HF that makes it 200 lbs lighter than '88 Si. i understand no sunroof and nothing in the front bumper, but what else is different/ can be taken out/ changed? More lightness equals more performance.
Power steering, A/C, rear disk brakes(?), more sound insulation inside the body panels.. Stuff adds up quick.
It's an '88 Si with manual steering, no A/C and drums in the back, (and a radio block off plate from the factory) maybe a part of the difference on the specs is figuring that most people would get A/C on the Si and not on the HF? I'll just have to weigh the car some time and see where it really is to start, thanks.
www.crx.org and go to the resource. They have a lot of the reasons why.
here is a link to quickhonda.net. in "the garage" section, you will find a section called "2nd gen differences". that site is dedicated to the crx.


the wieght differences are basically due to the SI coming standard with:

A/C, beefed-up suspension (thicker sway bars, anti-roll bars), larger engine, radio, speakers, sunroof, right side mirror, floor mats, cargo cover assembly (that alone wieghs like 15-20lbs)

the HF did not come with any of that.