90 EX D16Z6 transmission problems

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New Member
Orginally posten in the wrong place...sorry i'm new.

I have a 90 Civic with a D16Z6 swap. Still have the stock 90 ex tranny. I replaced the clutch a month ago and after about 500~600 miles i started noticing that the car stays stuck in 1st and 2nd gear sometimes....even 3rd. I can stop and push in the clutch but the car keeps moving. It will not die but it is almost like the clutch will not disengage. I have to shut it off and pull it out of gear or just yank the shifter really hard or i will not stop at stop lights. The transmission does grind a bit especially when downshifting. Also noticed that when i shift hard into second the clutch appears to slip but it never smells like burnt clutch...i am kind of stuck.

When i changed the clutch I changed the flywheel and both bearings too... I have checked the clutch cable and it seems to be ok.

Any ideas?