90 teg issues FIXED!!!!


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i love DAs! now that its obd1 are you going to do any thing else with it? even if its just a stock motor with bolt ons, a good dyno tune will make it run to its full potential, safer, and more power.


Think I'm going to stay NA really get to understand the dynamics of engine building. Besides I have a theory to build monster NA engines gotta test it some how lol.
Only thing done now is I have a tein suspension rota wheels and hks exhaust


Have to wait until the style changes this state you have to transfer plates its from an old car unless I rip it in half stuck with it for a couple years haha you can't see it in the pics but it's 2 tone black some one sprayed the rear quarter the right way and the rest is very dull so up next is paint until I figure out how I wanna build for certain


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got new ecu much better but still bogs at wot maybe tps havnt had a chance to see if it still starts hard when cold will update tomorrow
I had this same problem on my 92 teg b18a1inded up being the cold start onuuut the trottle body all i did was unhook the rod from the throttle body and it ran perfectly just was a little harder to start in the morning