91 Civic Hatch DX SWAP HELP!

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hey guys im new to these forums but not to hondas. i just bought a 91 civic dx with a 5 speed. im wondering what will be my easiest swap. i was thinking of a d16z6 from a 92 - 95 civic. i know the trannys bolt up and its a direct swap. i know i need the ecu for the obd1 upconversion from obd0 but the wiring scares me. is there another engine thats plug and play like a zc motor tho i would love to do the mini me swap into as my bro in law has one in his but wont help me out with the wiring at all. im so lost. i have the motor and ecu already from my del sol but going to order a new one with less miles or should i go ahead and order a zc motor and what all is involved with a zc motor. any suggestions would greatly be appreciated and should i continue the mini me swap. thanks alot
No matter what swap you choose to do, you will have to convert to MPFI. If you wanted the "easiest" swap, the D16A6 is probably your ticket, or just do the conversion to MPFI and call it a day.
how would i go about doing that mpfi swap i know it has to do with the wiring and the injectors. so the zc motor wont work, if only my bro in law would help me but hes not.
i would love to do a z6 swap tho rather than a a6 i want vtec and very found to those motors just not putting them into a older civic and deal with the wiring
You could do the ZC swap. Rywire has all your harnesses if you didn't want to do the wiring yourself. It will cost you a few hundred bucks, but it might save you some headaches...

88-91 CRX/Civic Conversion Harnesses

You can still find the harnesses you need in that link for the Z6.
A member on here--I think his name is Monotech (?) also sells the harnesses you are looking for. Might want to consider that, too.
thanks im still doing a lot of research on the harness conversion and it seems simple aslong as you take your time and have the right parts to do so. i have all that i need would i use my harness off the dx or the one for the d6z6 off that motor.
ok i was looking onto rywire would i need the subharness only to convert to obd1 in the instructions it says they would solder your VTEC/Air/Fuel Controller subharness into the Jumper correctly so you don't have to fuss with it.

whats my best bet