91 Civic hybrid

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I need to sell my Civic. It will need a little work, probably new motor mounts. I should have the CEL issue fixed on it soon. It will need new tires, atleast in the front.
91 Civic dx 4 dr with 163k on the body.
93-95 Civic EX d16z6 engine, milage is unknown (the car was rearend and appear to be in good conidtion other than that. I have the receipt from the junkyard)
Converted to obd1 and running the p28 ecu.
89 Crx SI transmission with a new clutch(approx 1000 miles on it)
Lowered with shitty springs.

I never drive the car anymore. I am making decent money now so I want to buy another car.

Make a reasonable offer, the car is in CT. I drive to Mass for work 5 days a week so I can meet up with some people.
hey Jeff...what exactly is wrong with the car itself? and will the D16z6 come with it?
I want to start over with a different car. I need to get the CEL to turn off. I will not ship the car, because I do not have the time to.