91 crx si

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New Member
i just scored a 91 black crx si in mint condition, all stock! im new to the crx, always was messin with civic ef! but anyways, i was wondering what would be an easier and better and cheaper thing to do, the mini me swap or a ls swap? and either one i do im boosting ! thanks guys


depends,you can boost either one,you will have more power with the stock ls,than the single minime,but you will also have to buy all the shit to swap it,
and the LS has a little further power rating than te D


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Ill post pics of the car tomorrow, actually I'm thinkin of just zc swappin it instead! It would prolly be real cheap and nice power


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ZC's are fun little motors. I have a ZC swapped Rex, and it's passive enough to just putt around town, but has a little extra for "fun" driving.