'92 Civic CX Hatch, Phantom Gray, Lots of Mods, $3500! Check it out! (now on ebay)

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(this is a copy of the ebay auction, so it may read a little funny)

1992 Honda Civic CX Hatchback 5 speed. Phantom Gray

Stock engine and transmission (CX) Engine smokes every once in a while at partial throttle and the axles click, but is very reliable and will get you anywhere. (Just drove 18 hours up to NM and back to TX last weekend without any trouble at all) I would certainly suggest a swap for a bigger, better engine though, as the CX is the least powerful engine you could get in these EGs. This car's top speed is 70-80mph on a flat road. I've had it at 100mph down hill, but just flat cruising it only does 70-80mph. The ECU is set to keep the revs below 4500rpms. No idea why the previous owner did that, you can fix it with another ECU from here on ebay. If you were to keep the engine that is in it, you will need a head gasket, pan gasket, and two new axles. The car does run down the road just fine as is but burns oil due to the bad gasket. The cluster shows 180k+ miles but the vehicle only has 145k miles on it. This is due to me swapping out gauge clusters in favor of one with a factory tachometer.

The car has several "door dings" and a couple of hail dents, but none are major and can all be fixed via paintless dent repair. The Hood/front bumper/radiator support/headlights have all been replaced with new items last year (car was in a minor front end collision) The body was placed on a rack and tweaked to perfection. The whole car could use a paint job but it is fairly presentable as is. There is a 6" scratch in the passenger door a small dent on the hatch right near the honda emblem, and a scuff on the rear bumper. All will be shown in the pics.
The air conditioner is all there except for the belt (removed to save the compressor) It may hold freon, it may not, I've never tried. I would assume there is a leak in the system though, as there is no pressure in it right now. Its been that way since I purchased the vehicle a year or so ago. The A/C currently does not blow cold.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.

JDM Integra SIR-G Disk Brakes at all four corners. (all parts interchange to the US spec GSR)
Russel Stainless Brake Lines (rear is done, have a set for the front new in package. Will come with car)

Skunk 2 adjustable Upper A arms
KYB AGX adjustable shocks
Neuspeed sport springs
ITR Sway bars front and rear (Will give you the front bar, it is not installed yet, rear is done!)
Energy Suspension Rear Sway bar bushings
ITR suspension components (not one item from the CX suspension or brakes remains)
JDM SiR Upper Strut Bar
Energy suspension rear trailing arm bushings
Wicked Tuning aluminum Lower Control Arms with urethane bushings
Binks rear sway bar kit
Fresh Alignment done when suspension work was completed. camber/caster/toe is dialed in to factory specifications. Car sits roughly two inches lower than stock. Nice Clean stance, no tires tucking/rubbing/leaning/ any of that jazz.

Exterior: (All New Items)
OEM Mud Guards
"Spoon" mirrors
New Tint (30% front, 15% rear to comply with texas law) professionally installed w/3 year warantee
Black one piece projector headlights
"BBS" style no name rims. They look great on the car. NOT BBS rims.
Tires are newish, only about 4k miles on them.

Gray Interior, Vinyl Seats
Traded stock gauge cluster for a Civic VX cluster, This CX has a factory tachometer now! everything works great and was plug and play, no wiring hack jobs.
Driver's seat is torn in several places, steering wheel has an indention on the air bag, the rest of the interior is nice. The carpet in the hatch area and back of the seats is gone as is the spare and jack.
New Hatch Lifts and hardware.
Lots of Dynamat from the previous owner, in doors, floor, and quarter panels. Cuts down on road noise for sure.

Brand New Alpine Audio system, new CD/mp3/wma player, new speakers, crossovers, and professional wiring all around. Alpine CDA-9847 head unit. Alpine SPR-17LS 6.5" component sysem for the front and 6.5 inch Alpine SPS-170A speakers for the rear.

Bone Stock
I do have a '90 CRX Si bare block and a '94 VTEC head (super clean) I could throw in if you wanted to build your own mini-me for it. If you wanted to convert to a cable trans, I have a ZC transmission and a Si trans for the final drive.. Several other random parts that you can just have.. cheapo headers that may fit, the 90 si intake manni, nuts, bolts, some stock mounts, blah blah.. This will all go with the car!

I purchased this car with the intent on making a daily driver/scca solo car out of it, hence all of the suspension upgrades. Car handles like its on rails, Very Crisp! Bites into corners very well. This car is drivable as is but would be a little rocket with a motor swap! The 92 CX is the lightest of the EGs.

Please Email or PM me with any questions!

$6,500+ invested with the car+upgrade parts, new suspension, brakes, audio, etc.

Clean Title. Title is not salvage or theft recovery or anything like that, clean, clear, and in my name.

No rust at all, ZERO. No Bondo areas anywhere on car either. The driver's door was replaced as some point and is a shade darker than the rest of the car. The hood and front bumper are still in the Black/Dark Gray primer that they came with. This will be shown in the pics.
I am selling the car because I purchased a Jeep and do not need two vehicles. Please feel free to ask me any questions or request any additional information or photos. I have tried to explain this car as openly and honestly as possible. Please refer to the pics! Bid with confidence and please check my feedback!
Please call 325-647-4350 if you have any questions or leave a message at 325-641-1650. I will get back to you as quickly as possible. This vehicle is for sale locally and I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.























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