92Lx/Z6 swap map wiring issues

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Here's the problem, have a 92 lx that I swapped a d16z6 into. Now the chassis has a firewall mounted map with factory wiring/plug on chassis side of harness, the z6 has throttle body mounted map with wiring/plug on the engine harness. Now I've tried multiple combos between both maps and plugs and it doesn't seem to make a diff, CEL is still on? Now I haven't had the chance to multi-meter anything to check for signal, that is my next step. Anyone else ever run into this? The only other problem I can think of is that when I bought the car someone had swapped the original d15 out and dropped in a d16y7 obd2 block and head, they reused IM, Alt, dizzy and harness. The CEL was steady on and couldn't pull codes. This was my reason for the z6 swap, I'm wondering if the idiot that did this also f'd with some of the wiring bc the rad fan, rear defrost, and heater control unit all don't have power and are NOT working! So if anyone has any ideas or opinions I'm all ears!!!


The defroster/heater/etc are completely different harnesses from the engine and shouldn't be interfering with each other.

trace the wires from the sensor to the ecu. make sure they go to the right pins.


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I know the map is a separate issue on its own and im working on it, but the other 3 issues are stumping me! Now from multiple wiring diagrams I've studied it shows that the #13 u/d fuse(7.5a) is the common link between relays for blower motor, rear defrost and cooling fan. It should also be hot at all times which it's not. My next step was to drop and inspect the fuse block and start tracing wires unless anyone knows of something simple I'm missing?