93 Civic Ecu Wiring Help

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I have a1993 civic cx hatch with a JDM B16A DOHC Vtec MT
We used a 1995 civic ex vtec engine harness and a virgin P28 ecu
Everything at the engine plugged in great but the wires in the plugs at the firewall don't match up
Do they need to be reconfiged to the correct colors?
Is there an adaptor ?
Or is it plug-n-play ?
Any help would be helpful
hi vtecin5th
its a non vtec CX ....and i have started to relocate the wires in the engine side plug to the correct color and i have added a vtec wire and a knock sensor wire and the vtec oil pressure wire ...... getting close .........
I did notice that my A/C lines are a lil different
and to top off everything the full exhaust system with a 4 into 1 header was delivered today with no gaskets (((((((nice)))))))) I might get this toy done someday ....
Thanks for your input its much appreciated VTECin5th
My header didn't come with a gasket either, Autozone had my gasket for $7.99.
You only need the exhaust manifold gasket (if you're looking for a B16 gasket, use the Del Sol listing, autozone has the wrong part number for 99-00 Si gasket)
thanks for the lead vtecin5th. i tried to get them from merles and napa and that was a waste of time and money ...i will try autozone ..
the gaskets i need look like aspesto thermostat gaskets with a 21/4" pipe
the 4 into 1 crome header, full crome cat back , bolts, gaskets, oh ya a wrench
for 249 on ebay
thanks again vtecin5th

well everything is up and running
tint was done today and waiting on the body kit and off to the paint shop we go for some ORANGE paint ( the weirder the color the faster they sell )
having a cold start problem feels like low fuel pressure on cold starts popping and stalling so i need to check the fuel pressure saturday morning and see whats going on
Check grounds too.. particularly the thermostat and transmission grounds.
i looked at all the grounds today all clean and tigh, fuel pressure is good cold and hot
im looking at the yellow ignition wire that plugs into the distributor harness it has 6.48 volts so i traced it to the ecu and it goes to pin D22 woops thats what toasted my ecu.
the 93 cx wiring diagram shows pin D22 is for the SG2 TPS ground
the 95 civic ex wiring diagram shows yellow/green wire going to pin A21 icm icm
so much for plug n play
where are you getting this info from? all obd1 ecus run the same pin out. the ex has more wires than the cx, leaving the cx with blanks....
i was getting my info from japan import
im sure i know what happened .... the vtec pressure switch,coolant fan switch ,and the ect have the same plugs on a 95 civic ex and they were pluggged in the wrong spot ((( woops )))) my 16 yr old helped with the harness install ........#^^&$##@$#$%%
I lost the ect , vtec sol, tps, mat sensor and ecu
the resistor on the motherboard is what smoked . I now have 12v ref. at all the sensors
does anybody repair the ecu's ???