93 Civic Hb Vs 03 Civic Si

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im in the market for a 93 hatch but i dont know what to swap in it, because i want to beat my friends 03 civic si, what motor should i swap? Oh yeah im on a really tight budget. whats the best motor to run with..?
Originally posted by jdm538 Posted on Feb 8 2003@ 10:03 PM
Oh yeah im on a really tight budget...

This is what is going to kill you.Making a car fast isn't cheap.Nitrous is the cheapest way to fast,till the bottle is empty.
for about 2-3 grand you can beat him. One way is the b18b, it has the trq to match that of the new si iVTEC or look at a b18c (about 3 grand) that engine has more hp and has the trq needed to beat the k20a3 or what ever the engine code is