93 Cx Hatchback Swap

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heres my question. I want to make my 93 cx hatch fast. I want to be able to beat cobras, or real close. I have about 4 grand total to spend, Wat are your openions on stuff for me to get. by the way my car is stock besides intake, snd exhaust.
4 grand? well this is what i would do.....1000-1200 for complete ls swap, 1800-2000 for turbo kit, spend the other grand one parts like cams or save a lil more and buy a bottom end....well if u want to do that idea, i have crower rods a je pistons for sale. ill sell them to you for 800.....thats my opinion with all that, youll be fast as crap!!! :worthy:
to get a turbo in and running properly in a car... ie. fuel management , injectors, electronics and all the necessary turbo components... my guess is that would take over 4 grand alone.

get an LS swap : roughly 1500-1700 by the time it is in the car running properly...

then buy a bottle and spray a 75 shot.

gut your interior down to one seat and a steering wheel.

then you will be somewhat fast.