93' Del Sol exhaust

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Need some advice on what kind of exhaust system I should run, I'm looking at from the end of the header all the way to the muffler. Some things that need to be kept in mind if possible; the system would be easy to attach to another motors stock header, either a b18b1 or b18c1, haven't had a chance to research to see if they are different sizes. Any and all advice would be welcomed, for the muffler I want something thats good, and isn't to to much louder than stock.
are you looking for a cat back setup or do you want a cat too ??? as far as cats go carsound, catco, and random technologies make decent ones... as for the exhaust the quietest one was the Rs*R but its not available in the US anymore behind that you have the Tanabe super medalion hyper spec, and the GReddy SP... or you could get one custom done from a shop with a few inline silencers and a thermal R&D (or some other decent quality) muffler... there arent a lot of exhausts for the del sol and theres even less quiet ones.... good luck
true ... so add the apexi WS to that list ... that one is very quiet ... also you could use the mugen twin loop... quietest exhaust around other than stock .... both of those will require modification to fit the car
if you are going the ghetto/cheap way and buying the muffler and putting custom piping the rest of the way, make sure you also have the exhaust shop put a glass-packed resinator