93 del Sol Si {Movin' On Up}

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fix the body, maaco paint that bitch, sell it for $3000.

start fresh with one that already has a b16 installed.


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fix the body, maaco paint that bitch, sell it for $3000.

start fresh with one that already has a b16 installed.

That's actually a good idea!

And also I was talking to a friend the other night and his brother has a black del Sol with a LS Swap that he's going to sell with me. Runs perfect, no rust, or random body problems! Plus he's not charging me an arm and a leg for it so I'll be picking that up before the end of this month.


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June 9, 2010

I went over to my friends house this morning to check out the del Sol I'll be buying.

It's pretty decent. It has a B18 ls swap and drives nice and smooth. That was my first time ever driving a Honda with a B series engine lol, and compared to my sucky D16 it's pretty quick.

Anyway the body is in good condition and has no dents or fu*ked up panels. However it needs paint though. The original color is Captiva Blue Pearl like mine but the previous owner before him repainted it a satin black color and its pretty faded and ugly looking right now. I'm going to get it repainted asap when I get it.

He said the ignition isn't working so the previous owner wired up a push start button to the starter. So I'm gonna swap over my working ignition and remove the ghetto rigged push start button.

It's sitting on steelies right now, but I'm going to repaint my ls webs, wrap them in some good tires, and then toss it on there!

Also since it's the S model and not the Si like mine it has no power steering which I absolutely love because it feels better to drive. It also has no A/C, but thats no problem because even though my current del Sol has A/C I have never used it. Also I believe it has rear drum brakes so I'm going to swap over my rear disc brakes.

All in all it's a pretty nice starting platform for me so I cant wait till I finally drive that sucker home. In 2 more weeks it'll finally be mine! Also it's a 93 model just like mine! lol

Anyway this is pretty much the 2nd to last update for this thread. In 2 weeks I'll post a link to my new thread and let this one R.I.P :(

Thank you all for watching my del Sol build thread and I hope you tune into the next one!
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:thumbsup: sounds like a solid upgrade


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Looky looky what I bought :)


Yes that's my new delly Sol!

I'll be making a new thread soon for this one so stay tuned.

R.I.P to this thread


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thats awesome that you found another sol. i take it that you inspected this one a lot closer before buying it! looking forward to the new thread.