93 Integra Parts

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I have a wrecked red 93 Integra, I bought for the motor and tranny and need to get rid of the rest of it. The interior is complete and in real good shape. The doors, rear hatch, suspension, exhaust(stainless muffler), passenger side headlight, both factory corner lights and both bumper light. Factory rims and tires, red/clear taillights (passenger side as small hole where it almost looks like a kid shot it with a bb gun.) I can provide pics and honest description on any part you are interested in. I can be contacted at cdmtrsprts@aol.com or 228-867-9794 ask for Raymond.


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Sent you mail. I am interested in some interior pieces if they are the correct color.


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I too have a 93' Integra and need to get rid of the rest of it, I bought it for the engine and transmisison. Interior is black. The car is white. PM me if interested.