94 Accord With H23 Problems

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i have a 94 accord lx 4door with h23 1994 and it idles like shit i have switched the wires that u are supposed to switch and still sucks i have been talking to dohc vtec accord and we can not figure it out also i am running the stock accord computer thanks
i would think that the stock accord ecu is the problem, im not sure how well the fuel maps for an accord would work on the much more aggresive h23, but from the sounds of it, not to well, im sure you can find a stock prelude ecu on ebay for cheap, lots of people who upgrade sell the old one.
As far as I know (which is not very far with H series engines) that wire switching trick only works for a JDM Prelude ECU and a USDM Accord ECU. I have no idea what sensors would be feeding the incorrect pins on your ECU. I agree with the conclusion of trying a different ECU. I you are still having this problem next time I come to Longmont I will bring my old LS ECU and we can give it a try.
Check up your IAB.....I have a friend with JDM TYPE S swap in 95 accord......it idles like shit until we figured that the IAB wasn't hooked on......IAB does not send a trigger to the ECU, if you got a stock intake manifold, check it out.......most aftermarket manifolds don't come with IAB. so just double check on this for troubleshooting. BTW, check up the wirings and the ECU.....