Got a Fixxer Upper 94 Accord

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Title Says all I picked back up a 94 Accord from my little sister I bought her 3ish years ago as her first car , like a week after buying it I put a head/timing belt/water pump on it from the old belt snapping (car looked great inside and out been repainted etc. my dumbass didnt pull the timing cover back) well fast forward 3 years later fan relay dies and sister literally cooks the motor sitting in traffic on the highway now it has a small head gasket leak again and runs hot literally if a thermostat is in it and fans dont stay on. To get it home I pulled the thermostat and jumped the cooling relay with a paperclip to make it on if ignition is on, plan to change headgasket and clean the fackkk out of it and resell, and yes already took care of little sister I bought her my roomates 00 Accord EX V6 accord thats significantly nicer , its storming here in gawga pics to come shortly
yes thats my little sister clowns, and yes the front bumper and hood need to be painted, when they moved last dude backed truck across hood/grill/bumper
So many witty yet tasteless things I could say. I have a lot of love for the CD5 chassis glad to see another one potentially get saved.
dude im not gonna like the j30 vtec is pretty peppy, its got a cheapo intake on it and it sounds throaty AF and vtec crossover is stupid loud, shifts great also im glad we scooped it up (the 2000) and the cd5 I have a serious HATE/love for them, im not a big fan of f/h motors or shift cables other than that great, it will be fixed and sold or let some slut I date drive it I unno I can fix it in a day if I wanted
One of my good friends had a J30 in his 04 Accord in spite of the automatic transmission it was peppy with a cold air intake and exhaust.