94 Civic Hatch transmission slips then is fine

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Ok there is my problem, I bought a 93 dx hatch everything is stock. I have the d15 engine in it. Had it for a couple months everything was fine, I was driving it today and as i was in first gear I gave it some gas to go quick and it slips, so i shift into second to check if I ge the same problem. Yes. So i was thinking it was the clutch. BUT I park the car for about 4 hours get back into it and it starts doing the same thing. after about 5 min of driving i shift into first give it some gas and its fine, same with second.
So now I am thinking my tranny fluid needs to be changed. Any other options you guys think it can be.
it could be the trans fluid, but im still thinking clutch. back when i got my first civic it was babied its whole life so when i got on it, it would slip, but after a few months it was fine, but next time it does it floor the gas real good and see if you can smell clutch burning
yeah, the cold clutch will hold better than a hot clutch (just like brakes work better when they aren't over heated/fade).
Seems like it does it more when its cold, thats why i was thinking fluid. Do you know how much fluid the single cam trannys hold. I remember doing it on my b16 and i think it was 2 1/2 quarts, anyone know if that is correct?
My D15B tranny takes 2 1/4 Q's just did it today :), hope it helps ya out
is ur car automatic, if it is, then is time for a new transmission.
the filter is probably clogged and there is no pressure.