94 civic with B18A1 trans advice???

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king grant

New Member
I picked up a 94 civic last month. It has a B18A1 in it and an alleged GSR trans. I can shift the shifter into third with the clutch and let out the clutch but the gear doesn't engage. It just revs when I hit the gas. If I shift it into gear normally is grinds when I let out the clutch and if I do it gently it just chills there and revs. All the other gears work just fine and I've been shifting from 2nd straight to 4th to work around the problem but I feel so cheated without a third gear.

So the question is this...What is your best guess of what this could be? I'm guessing the gear itself but I'm not very experienced when it comes to trans work.

And what should I do about it? I'm considering trying to source another GSR hydro trans but that's $500. I'm considering just replacing the clutch and flywheel but if that doesn't fix the problem I have to rebuild anyway. And I'm going to a shop tomorrow to see what the quote for a rebuild, re-gearing, and new parts would run. I'm somewhat tempted to try at rebuilding myself but I'm not sure where to find the gears and syncros to do it.

If I opt for the shop rebuild and re gearing I'm considering the GSR 1-3 and LS 4 and 5. Replacing the Exedy stage 2 clutch with an oem replacement and adding an ACT pro lite flywheel at 8.5 lbs. I'm contemplating this set up for the gearing and such through the extensive research I've done between a few different forums. I'm open to better suggestions though.

Also, 1st gear and second gear seem to pull fine till about 3000 rpm and then it feels like it's kicking down and pulling harder and faster from 3000 to 5000. Is this a sycro issue or something else and I'm guessing I would need to replace something for this as well. Any advice is welcome. Thanks a bunch.
Toasty tranny. Not uncommon at all :eek:

If you can find a good GSR hydro tranny for $500.. I will buy 2 of them. ;)
I stand corrected...Apparently drinking and craigslisting leads to misinformation...that should be an LS hydro tranny for $300...what do the GSR trans usually sell for used?