MO 94 Civic EX Coupe - B16 - Skunk2 - PIC - ASR - $4700

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94 Civic EX Coupe





-Camellia Red Pearl (R-86P)
-Light Grey interior (Type F)
-230k miles
-NO AC (all AC parts will come with car w/need new evaporator and box)

Some specifics about the car!

Engine/Trans 8/10
94 B16A3
-225k miles
-Running USDM P30 ECU
-wired for Knock Sensor
-skunk2 pro intake manifold
-itr valve cover (mint, not a scratch or scuff on it.
-vibrant 4-1 header
-Honda Type 2 coolant
-Honda oil filter
-NGK plug wires
-NGK plugs
-5w30 oil

9x GSR Trans 8/10
-unknown mileage hower shifts perfectly fine, especially with the ITR linkages! :)
-ITR Shift linkages w/ITR Shifter from 01 ITR
-Honda MTF

Interior 5/10
-350mm Momo Monte Carlo
-EX (auto) cluster :(
-NRG v2.5 quick release (black)
-NRG short hub
-OEM Acura CD Player
-factory Armrest
-GSR shift knob
-working cup holder!!!
-otherwise stock 5/10.

-"JDM" yellow fog lights (wired to corner lights, w/relay no switch)

-PIC Apex Coilovers (15k miles)
-PIC RLCA (new)
-ASR brace Silver
-ASR 24mm sway bar
-Blox endlinks
-93 Integra booster and master cylinder
-Stock EX front brakes
-Technafit braided/sleeved brake lines
-stock disc conversion w/new trailing arm bushings (from a 95 Integra)
-New Driverside Inner/Outer tie rods, new inner tie rod on passenger side.
-New passenger side lower ball joint

15x7 Drag Dr26 polished. Purchased from REvline in March 2010
205/50/15 Falken 502's. 90% tread or better.


15" GSR Fat Fives. Great condition!
205/50/15 Runway Enduro 605's. 75% tread or better.

Now for the bad parts :(
Drivetrain Issues:
-leaks MTF from axle seal. trans may need diff bearings/diff replaced (time for LSD :))

Interior Issues:
-interior has stains and such. Thanks dropndestroy.

Exterior Issues:
-trunk lid has holes from aftermarket spoiler
-3 rust spots on rear wheel wells. nothing major, bdoy shop said can be ground down and painted over
-needs cut, buffed and waxed badly.
-has some scuffs on the bumpers.

I've been considering picking up a Genesis Coupe or... Ford Fusion Sport... so my Civic has to go. Its been fun, but the scene is dead in KC and theres no real reason to keep in it. This is my DD, it has never given me any problems since I've had it.

Just recently swapped the B16 into my car, it runs amazingly well for the mileage it has. It does not smoke at all. Idles wonderfully! Couldnt ask for a better swap, I just want something new!

Most if not all replacement parts for the car have been purchased through Revline. They've replaced both outer tie rods as well as the driverside inner and has been properly aligned by them. Revline also installed the passenger side lower ball joint and rear trailing arm bushings on the car. They also welded up a 2.5" virbant flange to the stock exhaust when the B16 was swapped in.

Ive described my car the best I can above, if you're interested let me know we can set up a time and place and you can check it out in person. I am not interested in trades, what so ever.

My asking price $4700 firm. That includes the removable steering wheel and both sets of wheels.
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