95 Civ Ex What Engine

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I am kinda confused now I am looking at swapping engines I am not going to be racing that much every now and then go to the track and the rest just stop light racing. I have a 95 civic coupe with sohc vtech. Its ok I need more though its a little to slow and I would like to have a high revving engine but I guess my confusion is here I was thinking about getting a b16 out of an SIR or getting a B18c1 out of a GSR, now I was told maybe to get a B18 LS. I just want to know which would be the best without completely breaking the bank for my conditions it would be a complete daily driver. Also could you please give me an estimate on cost I would be doing it myself but want to know about how much I am looking at spending. It is going to be normally aspirated for at least 1 year. Would the B16 make a noticable difference enough to be happy with I can get one pretty cheap and I just want to know is it worth the money? Or should I save more for my situation thanks for your input
For your car,B18C1 the whole swap can be done for $3200.It will give you what you want and be a simple swap.Look for a 94-95 GSR motor,as it is the same OBD as your car and will be even easier.The B16siRII is actually the B16 you'd want for your car.It was available from 92-95 in the siRII and the VTi,also in the Delsol DOHC vtec from 94-95 as the B16A3(in your OBD,96-97 OBD II).If your looking to spend less the B18B will work.Some will recommend it because of it's torque,but your car isn't all that heavy so it is as big an issue.Not to mention if your going N/A it is outclassed by the vtec's

PS it is vtec,not vtech <_<
WORD! if you just want a street light to street light racer, go the gsr route. it cost more then a b16, but the extra hp and torque will be worth every penny and no to mention the torque for everyday driving!

good luck nevertheless