96 GSR HELP!!!

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okay heres the problem, feels like something is blocking the air flow. The car has new sensors, (map sensor came from a junkyard), timing belt, and valves. All have been adjust accordingly. Now when you give it gas it acts like it doesn't really want to go like something is holding it back. It does have a NOS system. Oh, it also has a new distributor. In first gear it only really gets to 20 mph really slowly. It feels as if there is a rope attached to another car and you are try to pull and can't really. Once you get to high RPMs it gets a little more power but not much. Just fixed an intake manifold leak. There is a straight pipe instead of catalytic converter, so the cat isn't stopped up. I am clueless. Can anyone help? If you have questions I will be here all night until I figure something out or get a reply.
thats ur answer right there u need to check the codes. that will solve the problem. jump the ecu and read the codes. if u dont know how i think it should be on the site here somewhere or u can message me if u cant find it
okay, I replace the map sensor and that didn't work. Does anyone think that my abs sensor could be bad? Any suggestions??? I am clueless.
Check the timing this morning (timing belt, ignition,...) still acting the same. I want to throw this car off a bridge. Its gots an ugly wing on it check it out.