97 civic lx with 91 ls motor swap

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My boyfriend is putting a 91' ls motor into my 97 civic lx. The lx started out as an automatic but we are making it a 5 speed. I read that we can just cut a few wires from ecu and use that. We also have an obd 0 ecu would this be better? If so what all needs to be done? What would need to be done for the stock ecu?
This is next to impossible without a LOT of time and VERY GOOD technical skills. This is an OBD0 into OBD2 swap--it's very tricky to jump 2 OBD gens in a swap.
you will need to swap out the entire cars wiring harness or try to make your own crossover cable to convert the car to OBD-0 seeing that there is pretty much no way to make an OBD-0 engine run OBD-2... and the harness/ECUs are not compatible

and in most places what you want to do is illegal.... engines must be of the same year or newer than the car they are being swapped into
yeah your gonna have a fuck of a time running that, besides the obd2 to 0 conversion also the cable clutch conversion.
I was able to convert the motor from obd0 to obd2 and continued to use the stock automatic ecu. I took the car to the local 1/8th mile track and ran 9.70's with s1 tranny with an lsd. The car was then totaled the next day due to a bitch running a stop sign. We know have a 95 v6 accord.