CA 99 Honda Civic EX f/s (needs engine work)

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1999 honda civic ex for sale 110k miles on the car. Car is a salvage title and needs engine work (needs a new crankshaft and set of rod bearings). Asking $1300 email me @

The good:
Has new tires
Has alarm system installed
Interior is in good shape
Ran great until I spun a rod bearing. Just needs new crankshaft and bearings and it will be good to go

The bad:
Salvage title
Needs paint job and maybe some minor body work
A/C needs work. (pump and compressor work fine but an aluminum line got kinked and needs to be replaced)
Passenger door side mirror is gone


I just washed the car so that's why the water is there ^_^.

The car was a salvage when I bought it. It was in a wreck but the guy I bought it from fixes them and sells them. It was body damage only, no frame damage.

Btw I don't think i mentioned it's a manual transmission