A true friend.

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Ok heres the deal-

A while ago i let my friend borrow the tenacios D cd that he burnt for me. No big deal, he gave his copy to some one so he needed to burn another one. well, now he fucking goes up north so i dont have my tenacios D cd for a few days... oh well i can live with that. Well... while he is up there he dicides that he is gonna give MY cd to one of his friends... now he doesnt have a CD to copy.. and i dont have a tenacios D cd... that pisses me off.

he also did that to my kid rock cd... but that was actually a good thing. the tenacous D one pisses me off tho.

[/completly random rant]
guys, haven't you figured out that's not the point?
his so-called "friend" has now taken off with 2 of his cd's that he's presumably paid something for (maybe not if they were both burned, but you've still gotta pay for the cd to burn em onto)

98teg - good luck getting them back, but i wouldn't hold your breath.... maybe you should reconsider calling this guy a friend and lending him stuff...
My post didn't show up?

Hmm, I previously said that Kid Rock sucks. He is white trailer trash that deserves to rot in a firepit. Good thing you lost the cd!

And 98Teg has (laugh) dialup, so he can't download songs. It would take him a month to get a cd.


i feel your pain 98integrals.... couldnt go too long without Tenacious D... thats some funny shit

"wheres my fuckin schnitzle???"


"Definition of a True Friend"

"A true friend" is a friend who goes out, gets two blow jobs, comes home and gives you one.
Yes, as prowler so nicely pointed out im on 56k so d/l is out of the picture.

and yes, losing the kid rock cd isnt a big deal, if i were still a highschool freshman... then yes i could see how that would be a problem.

FUCK! i cant think of any good D quotes to put here casue i have been D-less for so freaking long :angry:
ehh, that was actually one of my least favorite songs on the CD.
funny... but, well... shit its the D and some D is better than no D.

maybe i should stop being cheap and actually buy Cds... hmm thats hard w/o money lol.


Go buy the CD and actually support the artists.

Or have one of your buddies local to you on broadband download and burn it...