AC help for 94 DOHC

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Hoping some Honda gurus can help us out with my girl's new Del Sol. Her 2nd Del Sol was just totaled and she found a nice DOHC but only problem is it has no AC. She'd really like to get AC on it so I'm here looking for help. First of all can her AC from her 94 Si sohc be swapped to the 94 DOHC? If not can anyone recommend where to buy a new unit or what used units to look for? TY in advance for any help! If I left out any pertinent info, sorry.
the D series compressor will work but will need the AC Bracket from a del Sol VTEC (with the B16) or from a CRV
Oh great! Do you happen to know what parts code I'd be looking for on those?. Or at least what year crv?
94 - 95 del Sol VTEC - part # - 38930-P54-000
97 - 01 CR-V - part # - 38930-P7J-000
Hey thanks a lot for the help! One last question if you could give me your opinion? Do you think it's better to swap her old one over or just buy a whole new system? Looking at rock auto it doesn't look too expensive to pick up all the components.
I'm a proponent of new because.. well it's new. And may even come with a warranty of some sort which is always nice. BUT I got a used compressor from a high mileage teg in my DC4 and it hasnt given me any trouble so used isn't always bad. I do suggest taking the lines apart at each joint and replacing the O-Rings while you're in there. It'll save you a lot of headaches later (ask me how I know)
Parts inside cabin should be fine but are the lines in the engine bay damaged? The condenser, dryer, and pump okay?
That being said I'm trying to find somewhere to buy a whole new system and seeing how much that will be.
Honestly, i'd just use the old one. if it ain't broke....