Accord engine swap

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Hello everyone newbie here at the forum and at Honda swapping aswell . I have a 2000 Honda Accord ,manual tranny , F23A1 vtec engine that is going bad!! :( . I got my hands on a 95 Prelude
H22A1 engine non vtec and OBD1! :/ I try to be a mechanic for a living because I'm not certified or anything but I have been in the buissnes for 7 years . I just need some advice on what can I make out of the 2 engines ?? Is it posible to stay without vtec on that OBD2 Accord? Or should I look for a vtec head? And if it's even possible to run that OBD1 engine on that OBD2 ECM ? Thanks!
Oooookay. So, the H22a1 motor did not come "non vtec" so double check what motor you got, maybe upload some pictures and get back to us so we can start getting you in the right direction.
Sorry!!! Miss clicked !! I'm pretty sure I was writing H23A1 :( I sincerely apologize y'all might think I'm noobier than what I wrote LOL I'll post some pics in about 1hr. Thanks!
crickets lol Welcome to HondaSwap ! also generally speaking you dont want to put a older generation engine in your car the wiring/sensors are different , if you have a 00 accord auto just drive it till the wheels fall off and build a sportier project on the side , if I was going to swap a accord though it would be for J series
Main issue you will run into is that the H23a1 is a dual cam motor... IF you needed to build this out of parts you have right now, you would need an obd2->obd1 jumper harness for the ECU, and you would have to get a new exhaust manifold and do all sorts of modifications... F23a1s are super cheap though honestly you're better off getting another longblock and going that route.
This is what I have:
I have tranny , "all the wiring" just the engine part not the ECM . Manifolds , accessories , belts , mounts. I just don't want to take apart the accord without knowing what I am missing :/ . And obviously all that HONDA knowledge you guys have! Thanks a lot!
Well, theoretically speaking, you have to make the motor plug and play with your accord harness. Best way to do that IMO is get a labeled diagram of all the plugs in a 1995 Prelude SI engine bay, and all the plugs in a 2000 Accord EX engine bay. You'll have to do a lot of cutting relocating and extending but if you get it right you may only end up needing to purchase the jumper harness and a different ECU.
I had a bad idea , I thought I could stay OBD2. So buying an aftermarket ECM and modifying my Accord harness. It seems complicated but I already have the engine and I do need to swap it.
just because you have that engine doesnt mean you should put it in your newer car for very minimal to no power gain on older electronics you have to cut your wiring up to use and convert to obd1 ..... .... .. ... .. . . .. ..... ... . ..... ..... .... ... .. . . .. .... ..... most people look into things BEFORE buying a motor to swap into their car
One last question ... wichone is better ?? F23A1 or H23A1 ? Let's say on a upgrade point of view , keep the F23A1 and upgrade? have the same results as swapping and upgrading the H23A1. Not that I will do it right away but "plan it better "as dilbeckskate said . Thanks for the help guys!
Neither of those motors are really good for performance really you're kind of splitting hairs. You won't make much more power with a h23a1 so I'd just get another f23a1 and call it a day