accord turbo?

ok i have a 90 accord, i'm looking to do an H22a swap. so to kick things off what are some good distributers of USDM and JDM h22's and with that said, would it be possible to turbo the h22 in the accord with the space limitations? any information would be greatly appreciated


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#1- try your local junkyards... there's preludes around, and you may be able to get a swap cheap if they yard doesn't know what it is/what its worth.

yes you can turbo it. you may have to loose a/c and get a smaller rad. fan, but its been done.
I have a 91 accord w/ an auto. I got a turbo from a junkyard out of a 2.2l chrysler lebaron. i dont know if it will work yet but I think it might. I thought about putting a 5 speed in my car. How hard do you think that will be.