Act Clutch

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Hey wassup guys i just recently purchased a ACT clutch and have a few questions.....the person who sold it to me said it was a stage 3 and i was wondering how can you tell if it is or not???....also if you know anything about ACT wha is the difference between the 6 pad and the 4 pad design???....the one i have is the 6 pad and i want to purcahse a new clutch but i don't know which one is best.....thank you for your time and have a nice day!!!
I like my 6 puck clutch in my everyday driver =) but unless your looking at pushing 200+WHP over stock then don't worry about it
from what i know act does not make stages. what kind of motor this set up is going on? because act is a very serious clutch system. i had one on my 2nd gen integra. it was a street disk with a extreme pressure plate. i loved the clutch it grabs like a mother f**ker but it f**ked up my trans. it messed it up so badthat i couldnt even get it in gearafter i started it and when i did start it with it in gear,it would run away. so if you get it dont beat on it every day like my dumb a*s did. :D :D :D :D :D B) B) B)
its goin on GSR motor....mostly stock but head has 3 angle valve job done.....I/H/E basic bolt ons thats it.....
chances are, if your tranny was fucked up, it wasnt your clutch, as a matter of fact... it really couldnt be your clutch, sounds like your synchros went bad and your forks were worn as hell to me ::shrug2::
dude, ACT clutches are manufactured by "kennedy engineered products" just sold to ACT, boxed up, and marked up. goto and look for "kennedy engineered products" and buy from the directly. its alot cheaper.