All in good fun!

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I went to the track in Lieceister. Actually a group of us went. I was my first time there. It was way out in the corn fields. I thought we were lost at first, until I saw a "fast" truck coming the other way.

We pay our entry fees and go in...

Tons of Mustangs with loud exhausts.. Boring... Actually most of the muscle cars there were rather plain and boring.

I am in the REX and my buddy gets next to me.. (He has a 1997 civic DX with an LS/VTEC and high compression pistons and some other stuff) We get to the start. and the lights go green. I just floor it and ride it to 6000 each shift.. I knew I wasn't going to be fast what with the DPFI and Blown rings. My friend did 15.08 I scorched out a 20.29 (WOO Screaming fast).. BUt it was a good time. By the end of the night my freinds civic was down to 14.41 (they really gotta get it professionally tuned) Suprizingly I was the only CRX there. Well NExt time I hopefully will have an ls under the bonnet. thats right BONNET.

Or I will just bring the '05 and see what it can do!


Glad you had fun man. Thats what its all about I think. Shit my crappy little ZC powered CRX cant take on much but it is sure fun to take out. Good luck with the swap.