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With so many people talking about Boost and nitrous, I wonder about an all motor setup. Everyone tells me my LS motor is perfect for Turbo. I just want to know how fast I could make my motor if i built it all motor. For an all motor setup what are the most important upgrades? Pistons, cams, cam gears, springs, retainers, etc. how much HP would I be looking at with all this? Any help would be greatly appreciated----> :worthy:
yes, you can build the LS for all motor, throw some high compression pistons in there with new rods, p&p the head, get the crower LS cams with vlavetrain and you should be good to go. only downfall is you dont get the nice idle us vtec guys get, but they still make high lift/duration cams for the LS. and yes, all motor can handle nitrous, but make sure your bottom end is strong enough for whatever shot you may use, and make for damn sure its tuned properly, fuel, timing, etc..
well... if its using nitrous, then its not all motor is it?

And correct me if im wrong. But if/when building a motor it should be decided if its going to be NA or boosted. because if its going to be NA then you use high compression pistons, etc, etc. And if you going with boost then you would use low compression pistons, etc, etc.
i dont think a ls is the best choice for all motor...i would start with something that can rev high, i would go with a b16a or a gsr
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 23 2002, 04:54 AM
dont waste your money on na for an ls


You can get pretty good gains staying NA with an LS, but you'd be better served turboing the stock block. If you want to stay NA, perform a VTEC conversion. You won't be disappointed with the results- just build it properly.