#@$@$#$ Another Broke Part...

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Wrong Whole!
coming home from work I turned onto a backroad close to my house and hear a ting ting ting going down the road.... damn it yet another bolt came out

so I pull over and go for my bolt search once again while its raining and cold

I find the bolt and see its not my rearengine mount like I thought it would be but something slightly smaller still looks like a mount bolt so I check over them and find that its from my driver side mount its one of the bolts that goes into the block turns out I snapped it right where it enters the block..... yay....... this means I can either find a small easy out I can fit between the engine/frame or jack the engine up high enough so I can get to it.... #@$(*)$#@()$@#

when the turbo stuff went in I also put a new axles in since my old ones were well they fell apart when we took them out so I can atlest say I've yet to break one

but damn bolts.... either they shake theirselfs loose "solid mounts + 6 puck clutch = tons of car vibration. or today for the first time snaped it in two....

sigh I miss not giving a damn about the car when I knew it would run peachy keen with no worries of breaking shit.... such a PITA!

try not having such an extreme clutch, it puts alot more stress on the engine than necessary. Also, try upgrading your mount bolts - there is a such thing as shitty and high quality bolts. :)

the endless cycle it is
lol i know how you feel, i was driving down the 45 the other day and i hear a ting SMACK ting ting, went back, tada! rear mount bolt :angry:
well I hope for my own sake that when things break they do something other than make sound. my stereo is pretty ridiculous. I don't hear much of anything
I want to see if I can get an after market bolt set for the mounts since well turns out I have to pretty much pull my engine to fix it...... #@$@#$ ohwell shit happens

my solid rear mount bolts have came out before now when I change my oil I go over them to make sure they are A. still there and B. tight!=)

I would rather replace broken bolts from having an extreme clutch then to replace the clutch

or am I on my own with that thought hmmmm?

keep in mind when I get my next car "everyday driver" hopfully some time this year Im going to get my new injectors and manifold for my civic and will be pushing atlest 350WHP everyday so my clutch in my mind is a MUST

liquid00meth half the time Im driving I have my radio off unless Im on a long road to work I love hearing my engine
radio comes close to last on the list of things in my car now if my car was stock sound would be on the top of the list
"quote" well I hope for my own sake that when things break they do something other than make sound. my stereo is pretty ridiculous. I don't hear much of anything"end quote"

hehehhehhe I myeslf like the hearing it part becuase if not then that means somethings really wrong! car starts shaking, stalls, smoking, or even start a flame under the hood....

I like hearing ting ting ting then pulling over with the car running perfect VS shutting it off becuase your oil light came on from a broke oil pump gear

heh I hear you on that, I didn't know you had plans to increase power. Definitely look into some high quality mount bolts though.

I love music and my stereo may to much to turn it off. Plus if it's silent, all I hear is my deafening exaust note ( which sounds good, but gets old after you hear it every day). If and when I get a turbo setup, I have a feeling my stereo will go down quite a bit more often, though :)
even at 253WHP I would still want a pretty extreme clutch keep in mind I have most of my timing cut out to keep my motor safe since I have a lack of fuel

as it sits Im looking at 310-320ish to the wheels at the same boost with fuel/timing added
damn... jeffie, are you stalking me? my oil pump went out on the highway with my old engine and the oil light didnt come on until i was off the highway... 30 miles later. but that's ok, i was HOPING something would go wrong with that damn thing, cuz now i have my h22a :)
Im droping my car off I think monday so I can have it all taken care of temping to slap in some 720s... ohwell I want to buy another car first