another race??

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Now that your moving everything. Does this mean there's gonna be some other "race to 500"??? even though we all know who would win :rolleyes: coughbriancough lol
if he is not on i think he is sleeping.
I should ban all the post whores this time around.

ohh wait... so if i ban my self, that means i can't ban anyone else. wack. its a vicious cycle. :(
Originally posted by paragus@Sep 28 2002, 07:21 PM
rixxxceboy i love your sig "official hondaswap post whore"

thanks lol. ive been verified by Trinity thanks to me posting a pic of my screen showing all the threads with my name in the "last post by" column B) ..and uh, being verified was not a pleasant experience :huh:
Originally posted by 90 accord@Sep 29 2002, 03:35 AM
jeeze, i'm surrounded by whores.. now only if i can get this to happen at in real life, :D

careful what you wish for.. :ph34r:
you'll end up surrounded by fat whores w/ clap. ewwww
I would be a post whore, but i dont know enough so i just spend my time reading and i keep my mouth shut, except to ask questions.