2018 - year in review

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Well put. Amazing how emotionally charges things can be. I just learned from your post about Airjockie and ripperbone.

Jarring to hear. I remember thinking how crazy Airjockie (forget his first name was it Clayton?) was to have so many cars at all times. He sure loved his toyotas and datsuns and whatever other rare quirky car he could find.

Who was the tall dude that had a big beard and always had nice cars? He loved his gun and was always carrying. He still around?

How about Jeffie?
Yes, Clayton was his name.
Hosmer I believe was the tall guy you are referring to and I think he passed as well?
Jeffie is still around.
Pretty sure it was Airjockie and Ripperbone.. I believe Hosmer is still around. In either case, bit of a rough year :\
I was pretty confused about the Hosmer question, didn't remember hearing anything about that, so I am glad he's still alive.

Is Jeffie really getting an HGTV show?
yeah, i'm still there. shopping for new oppty's. I've topped out and it's time to do something else. 7 years goes by fast.