another ricer pic..!

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this is the funniest damn thing i have ever seen in my life. im ready to be hit with the ' welcome to last century' pics, but oh well. this shit is hilarious.


this was posted awhile back :p but its amazing, over on the DSM boards. Almost everyone wants that ugly piece of shit!
LMMFAO!! OMG thats a great pic. i love the Transformers...just bought Transformers the Movie on DVD last week. :D and i also have an mpeg of a New Beetle (supposed to be Bumblebee)transforming into a Transformer
dude, thats freaking cool
i would get my horn to make that transformer sound they make when they change....i would so rock that car
i guess you could say Autobot Jazz was the first ricer...huge wing, 180db stereo system, crazy ass light show, racing stripe with number...BUT he was cool as shit..and he was a Porsche 911 :)
that kit is hard though..."Brash" kit ..thought they only made it for 240's though...or maybe those skyline headlights are molded.....who with dohcvtech on this one.....transformers+rice= cool....but " wanna intercooler" front mount CAI is SUPA DUPA RICE!!!
1st off we all know that Bumblebee is a Old School VW Bug if you read anything in this post you would know people are just joking around. and who give a fuck if you spell Decepticons wrong. i cant spell worth a shit and i know one thing is that i dont care how its spelled as long as i know what it is ment to be