Another Thing On The List Of Went Wrong....

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Wrong Whole!
after work I get go home once I got home I wanted to check and top off my oil something I do once to twice a week depending on how hard I drive it

anyways as soon as I got out of my car I could hear a high pitched ticking sound kinda like a valve train but much higher hmmmm it was not up and down loader or softer but just a steady ticking Hmmmmm give it some throttle but then the engines too load to hear it

it sounds like its coming from the bottom left of the engine bay I figured maybe my clutch is messed up but when I push in the clutch sound is still there same for putting it into gears and letting it grab some

but nothing else seems to check out all the belts/oil gear is on the driver side so I take it back out for a drive to see if it would get louder/worse or better

nothing changes

so I figured why not check the distribtor and see if the bearings going again for the 4th or is it 5th? time in 13 months

the way I go by checking that is to back off the 3 screws holding the cap on then I can move the cap away from the rotor a tad bit so I can see if the rotor is rubbing the cap

I use this becuase its the only thing I have that can fit the bottom screw since my charge pipes/blow off valve are in the way


I've done it this way for MANY MANY MANY times before with no problems

so I get the top two off then go to remove the bottom one next thing I know I was knocked back "or maybe jumped" I really don't know I droped the screw driver and just checked the normal things arms tingle legs tingle heart beating twice as fast as normal hmmm ok seems good... Im soooo very glad I was not using a wrench or socket because I would have not droped it like I did and would have been shocked for much longer

ok well somethings not right so I turn the car off shake my arms some more "even now 2-3 hours later my left hand still feels weird" I start by checking under the cap and for some reason a screw is hanging out the bottom.... um?
ok I pull the cap off and as soon as I get cap off I can see things are not right

turns out the bolt holding my rotor on backed itsself out then from there.... pics are better then words



"as you can see the bolt broke the post off and was working in place of it"





so what happened was when I went to remove the bottom bolt I touched the screwdriver to the bolt hanging out of the bottom and that was running off my MSD 6A system in other words if its true what MSD says I felt 50000volts or atlest half of that if the other half went to the Sparkplug

I've been shocked by MANY things from my dirt bikes tons of small engines to little dumb things like light switches "damn older brothers!" and even once before by my Datsun back in the day
but nothing comes close to this one ouch

ohwell shit happens


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That really sucks. Glad you're alright.

New rotor and cap. Be sure to tighten that rotor to spec. :thumbsup:


Wrong Whole!
what sucks is I need to get a MSD cap or hack a new cap from honda that cost 10 bucks less to make it work so Im just going to wait a day or two and stop by tempest and get a new cap/roter with the built in coil input


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dayum yO!
that is some crazy shit i would have never thought that could have happened... Good thing you did not get too big of a shock...


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Get your rotor from HONDA. They use an allen headed screw that stays tight MUCH nicer than an AutoZone or Pop Boys POS generic one.

Also, might want to put a dab of lok-tite, or silicone or something on the screw before installing jsut as a safety measure.

Been there, done that, but I never got shocked. ALWAYS turn off the car before messing with the dizzy, dumbass ;) You can blow out a $75 igniter fast as fawk if you touch the wrong thing with the ignition turned on.


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that is terrible man. If you think that shock was bad, that was just a jump shock. If you had been grounded to something on the engine, well, lets just say your distributor would be the least of your worries. I'm glad you at least figured out the problem


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same thing has happend to me before too! not being shocked, but the rotor bolt coming out. you should always unplug the neg. of your battery when messing with the electronics meng :)