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Ok, i have had it. I have lived with it for this long and cannot go any longer. Does your tops make noise while moving? It might sound liek a stupid question, but i am serious. Ever since i had the car, the top had been making noise. I know the car was in a prior accident (passenger side front), but i dont think that that could have cause the body to be stressed enough to be missalined. I once heard that I need to re-grease the seals, but i havent tries that yet. I know, i am lazy.
I dont know, any ideas?



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lube the seals..... that will almost definatly solve your problem
get some 100% sylicone lubricant (the tube and the spray)
go over all the rubber seals in the car with the spray
then go back to the seals on the top and goo the fuck out of them with the tube shit... let it sit there like that for a while (20 min ) so it can soak into the rubber well... then wipe off the extra.... do this once a month if you can... if not do it whenever the top gets noisy
if this doesnt fix it then try the tightening thing on

incase your parts store people are stupid, and look at you like you have a 3rd eyeball when you ask for the sylicone lubricant in the tube... ask for Dielectric grease (used for spark plugs n shit)


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Ok, thatynx a bunch both of you. I'll try it out adn let you know what happens.

Thanx again