any huntington beach cali people??

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well.. i love my midwest roots... but 1 more semester and I have a degree in materials science... and along with that comes a bad ass job offer but the place is located in huntington beach... i got rid of the swapped car, so smog isn't an issue... but i'm looking for pros/cons... cost of living and that sort of thing...

i know cali sucks, but it is an incredible opportunity...
Off the top of my very tired head:

Pros: Nice cars, the beach, chill people, great costal city weather.
Cons: Cost of living through the damn roof!

Check out the OC, I don't really watch it, but people are always saying how the show is very similar to the acutal lifestyle/city etc.
HIGH COST of living
high gas prices LOL
fucken republicanville..
police are super-assholes

nice restaurants
nice hangout spots
nice girls (lots of surgery LOL)
coastal place

I live about 10 minutes from huntington beach.

if you move, hit me up somehow. i know a grip of people down there and some fine ass chicks as well.

- karnash out


Originally posted by pissedoffsol@May 20 2005, 05:41 AM
cali sucks y0!

worst.... state.... ever.
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This is coming from a guy who lives in CT? :lol:

Karnash? :blink:
Are you thinking northern or southern Cali? Southern cali is nice, but extremly crowed. I love northern cali. Less people, more seenery, but still is cali, with nice women, cars, and people.

and OT, adam, I met the guy that bought your del sol at Redline a few weeks ago. I saw a b-series samba sol, went over there and saw the b18a1, I knew it had to be yours. Still looks like its in great condition, expect on the passenger door, there is a big scrape. He said it was from his winter driving.
HB is definitely expensive and nice but there are other cities nearby that aren't expensive like westminster, anaheim and garden grove. HB is not a big city so you don't have to go far to save on rent.
word. thanks guys.. it's still up in the air.. but it's a research and development position at the cleveland golf R&D lab. anyone in my field would kill for an R&D position.

yea i was at redline a few weeks ago and saw it.. the headlights were all fucked up when i saw it. there were no turn signal lights (the 2nd piece)
you should take the job, and then hit me up with some free expertimential drivers and irons, and wedges.... and putters.

:lol: good luck with the decision
word. i have worked at a golf store for 8 years.. i roll with the R7, launcher 17*, ta7 tour irons, cg10 52 and 56 degree wedges.. cameron studio design putter. i can get you anything you need.
Originally posted by pills_PMD+May 27 2005, 11:37 PM-->
word. i have worked at a golf store for 8 years.. i roll with the R7, launcher 17*, ta7 tour irons, cg10 52 and 56 degree wedges.. cameron studio design putter. i can get you anything you need.
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Battle Pope
@May 27 2005, 11:43 PM
agh, that post made me forehead hurt!
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What part. He has a Taylor Made R7 driver (adjustable weighting system owns), Cleveland 17* fairway wood (about a 4 wood maybe?), Cleveland TA7 Iron set, Cleveland wedges, and a Scotty Cameron by Titleist putter.
Honestly, how many of you that are bagging on cali have actually been here and spent a lot of time here. I love it here, and honestly i will probably never move from Cali, and the cost of living is worth it to me. yea its a lot, but you got a lot of shit to do, you got the beach, the snow, the desert, mexico, and tons of other stuff all within a short days drive at the most. shit here in San diego all that is within a couple hours at the most. i love it
HB is super nice mang but YEAH the cost of living is STUPID.
But lets say one day you go to the beach and go surfing and then later that day
you want to go snowboarding well you can do that here.
GOOD LUCK and let us know what you do.
Lived in SoCal my whole life and love it. I lived in San Bernardino, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, and now finally in Laguna Niguel. I must say that Huntington and Laguna have been the best by far, but yeah, cost of living is ridiculous. But you cant beat the weather, cars, women, and job opportunities that are out here. SoCal rocks!!!
ehh, i like san diego better than anywhere near smelLA. you cant even breathe there 'cause of all the damn smog. our weather kicks ass too.