Anybody Make 16x8" Wheels?

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I can't seem to find any made by a reputable manufacturer? I want to run 245 section tires up front on my teg and want the correct wheel size.
Racing Hart, RS Wantanabe, Spoon, Advan, BBS, Volk, Wed's, Circle Racing, SSR, Enkei.....

all of these companies make rims in 16x8.... you must have looked really hard ;)
:lol: Yup, maybe i asked too soon. I saw that Volk and RH made a few, but i'm spending all my dough on my engine so i'm on more of a "rota" type budget. I found some Enkei's that i like for not TOO much. So thanks. :D
spoon (desmond) makes a 16x8? and in a 4x100 38-43+ off set (assuming thats what he has on his integra)? just curious, never heard/seen it from them.

and as for being on a rota style budget, might be hard to get that size on that budget concidering most companies that do make it are $$$. might want to look into black racing they make a 16x8 4x100 for FF's about 220-250 a rim.

edited: to add desmond
its pointless.
im going to have way more power than you are, and im running a 205, maybe a 215 TOPS

its quality of the tire/traction, not quantity

good f00king tire
see my poll in the wheel/tire forum

im not sure yet

but for track use, im going to buy a set of te-37 13x8s and have full slicks on them :)

i'm trying to find someone to go in on a set with me... i only need 2- and its cheaper to buy all 4
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Jan 6 2003, 01:44 AM
the spoon website has them listed

its the last rim on the list......

**shit just realized its only 5 lug

wow, cool, didnt realize they offered that size. good to know

wider is better tho =P depends on wut u are using it for. u'd be suprised at the number of circuit civics that run 15x7.5 and 16x8 up front. using 225+ race slicks. a little over kill unless u are already using a 15x7 205 to the max already. as for drag racing i got nothing to say, cause i dont know anything