anyone had this problem when swapping

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the shop that's supposed to finish my swap is pissing me off
they said it'll take one day to finish the wiring, its been 3 weeks. they took apart my wiring harness trying to look for a short, got a new tps sensor and map sensor, smoked my ecu........
after all that,

they can't find out what is wrong with this problem.
i have a b16a2 with a 96 DX wiring harness. They smoked my p28 ecu and now they got an obd1 AND an obd2 b16a ecu.

when the throttle is under 50%, the engine "stutters" but anything higher than 50% the engine runs real smooth. they said the problem is from the obd2-1 clip and now they sent the obd2-1 clip back to the guy i bought it from.

did anyone run into this problem??

thanks :worthy: