Anyone Here Have Exp. With....

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Making carbon fiber parts/wrapping interior pieces and things of that nature?

I have wanted to learn this stuff for a whil and got a sweet deal on some materials, so It's time..;)
i made a CF leg brace so i could rollerblade with my busted leg

if you can work with fiberglass, you have some level of attention to detail, and you're not a complete chimp, you can work with CF
i've never worked with fiberglass either, so, I'm a complete newb when it comes to this.

I have however read alot about the processes, and it seems pretty easy in contrast to my prior assumptions. All I really need to do is find out where I can get some gel coat, and the appropriate epoxy resin. If I get good I'll maybe make custom part for people, but for now I just want to learn and make stuff for personal use. I have a deal in the works to get a USDM type R valve cover which I want to wrap after I learn some good technique.
Another option would be vacuum forming plexi glass or lexan for interior panels. It is not that expesive to make or buy a setup. pretty easy to do and a lot more forgiving than cf or fiberglass. the only drawback is it would not work well in high heat situations.
Oh dude my first test piece will be an xbow 360 hard drive shell, then after that i'm getting an Integra dash clock block off plate, and I'm gonna see if I can make a cf replica!
well, i got a 3 foot X 4 foot peice for 32 bucks... but i cant find anywhere local that has the gel coat... maybe a boat shop would??
I friend came into work a couple of months ago with an AE86 and a CF hood that he hand made from scratch. So I asked him how much did you buy that for (before I knew) and he said "500 hours" and I was like OMG to the max! It was dope.:)
I put my skills to the test yesterday, by wrapping a dvd tray bezel from my 360, and it went horribly.... not the wrong materials or anything it's just that when I wen to cut off the excess, I cut too deep and fucked up the edge, so I'm gonna redo it till I get it right... Then try bigger stuff
lol i can't do it for a few days, cuz we just got a real nice humid cold front today.. .... it was all sunny and dry for the last couple days, but wouldn't ya know, it get cold right when i need it to be warm. i could post pics of the fucked up dvd bezel for now though lol
the part with my finger on it is what I should have been more careful with lol :eek:

Also, note the zig-zag carbon... It's nothing special, just the way I layed it down and moved the top one way and bottom the other... I thought it was kinda cool, but then it got very shitty. :)



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Yep... I'll try again tomorrow, that is, if it's a sunny day. Also, as far as patience... I'll be able to let the shit dry longer between resin coats since RE:5 will be here! WOOT!!!

I'm gonna wrap up some late 80's to early 90's Honda emblems I have laying around too.

I'll post pics and if anyone likes I'll sell them to ya!

Also... if I get good... there will be a JDM Type-R valve cover coming too. Carbon wrapped of course.
Still waiting on a good deal for a Type R vc.... and might have an update tomorrow... i hope
I need some tips on wrapping a cylinder... a shift knob is what i'm trying to do here... and at the point where it comes around and meets the other end of the fabric, i kinda keep fucking it up... :eek: HELP!